Nature Hill

Koh Mook

Koh Mook island

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Koh Mook is a small island that seems to exist outside of time, inviting visitors to experience life at a slower pace, away from the hectic modern life. 

Whether snorkeling in the azure seas, strolling amidst rubber plantations or delving into the island’s dense jungle; here, life flows to the rhythm of nature.

There are no buses, trucks, cars (well maybe one or two) or tourist ferries. The island can be discovered in so many ways, by bike, on foot, by tuktuk, motorbike, kayak or boat.

Fishing isn’t just a pastime but a way of life. The island is a delight for seafood enthusiasts who wish to indulge in the freshest catch of the day.

Living in nature on Koh Mook means embracing the harmony of coexistence with its diverse wildlife. Wake up to the rustling of monkeys swinging through the lush canopy, while exotic birds serenade the morning with their vibrant songs. The island has a rich biodiversity on land and surrounding seas.

Just 1 hour away from Trang airport, Koh Mook is easily accessible from Bangkok, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. It provides the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and embrace the tranquility of a slower pace of life.